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“Ovoschi Stavropolya” signs an agreement with the region’s Fund for Innovative Development

On June 1, 2021 Alexey Pakhorenko, the CEO of the “Ovoschi Stavropolya” greenhouse complex, made a cooperation agreement with the Fund for the Promotion of Innovative Development of Stavropol Krai. On behalf of the Fund, the document was signed by the head of the RCC (Regional Center of Competence), Vladimir Shapovalov.

The partnership’s long-term mission includes the implementation of two national and regional projects at the same time:

• “Labor Productivity and Employment Support”;

• “Targeted support for increasing productivity in enterprises”.

On June 18, a working group of 17 employees of the company was created within the complex. It was the first step in fulfilling the terms of the agreement. On July 8, a kick-off meeting on business issues was held. As of now, the team’s scope of activity includes “Objective Decomposition”, “Product Flow Optimization”, and “Project and Change Management”.

Being a non-profit organization, the Fund for the Promotion of Innovative Development was created upon the decree of the regional authorities and was authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Stavropol Krai. Its main tasks include the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, the creation of conditions for effective interaction of territorial clusters, as well as improvement of private business representatives’ technological readiness. Private agricultural businesses, dairy plants, breeding farms, and other enterprises of the region can receive the Fund’s assistance. The organization’s efforts range from developing programs for the production facilities’ modernization and re-equipment to financial and management audits, professional training, and other activities aimed at facilitating the region’s business entities.

“Ovoschi Stavropolya” is a part of ECO-Culture holding and ranks as one of the region’s leading agro-industrial enterprises. Using innovative greenhouse technologies, the 43-hectare complex grows tomatoes indoors all year round. Modern automated equipment ensures energy-efficient operation while also optimizing the consumption of water and other resources. The number of employees currently counts to more than 1,000 people, most of whom, interestingly, are local residents.

The subsidiaries of the agricultural holding are all motivated to contribute to the development of the country’s regions. Moreover, there are also other complexes of ECO-Culture – “Ovoschi Chernozemya”, “Solnechny Dar”, “Kruglyy God” – that are involved in the project at the moment. All in all, the agricultural holding’s participation in the Fund’s activities has become a realistic way to help the national economy.