Quality control

Each year, after our first harvest, samples of our products are sent to the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance in Stavropol Krai (Rosselkhoznadzor). We subject our products to quality control measures to check for the presence of nitrates and pesticides. Each year, the products receive a Declaration of Conformity (for quality) and Certificates of Conformity, which confirm that our products meet GOST quality standards. Our production is also certified under all standards, which include standards for nutrition, care, chemical and biological protection, and plant care.

In working with retail chains, our distribution center has adopted quality specifications that are required not only by the retail chains themselves, but also by catering enterprises, where quality at acceptance is by far stricter. When placing orders, any fruit with external damage is sorted out because the presence of the slightest defect on a fruit can lead to appearance of rot on the entire batch directly on store shelves. That’s why we do everything possible to ensure that consumers choose Eco-Culture products.


In favor of our products

Despite the fact that cultivation technologies are similar all over the world and that the same hybrid tomatoes and cucumbers are used, there are a number of factors that affect the taste and useful features and make us stand out from the crowd:

  • The quality of irrigation water for the vegetables plays a major role. Our vegetables feed on clean water from melted glaciers of Mt. Elbrus, which meets the hygienic water quality requirements for centralized drinking water supply systems;
  • The degree of maturity of tomatoes is also undoubtedly important, since sugar gathers during the ripening period. Due to the short logistical leverage between the greenhouses and store shelves (only 2-3 days), we can postpone harvest, thereby enabling our tomatoes to acquire more sugar and nutrients and then harvest them brown. This is unlike imported products that are harvested unripe in order to ensure that they are delivered to their destinations in a fair condition. Long journeys are bad for the tomato itself – freshness is lost on the way;
  • We don’t use chemicals when growing our crops. We apply biological control of pests and diseases;
  • Our vegetables are fed with mineral fertilizers strictly according to evidence-based recommendations for plant growth and development periods, not exceeding individual nutrients. Our agrochemical laboratory controls the level of nutrition. The lab operates based on standard methods, determining the levels of nitrogen nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in irrigation solutions and in the leaves. Besides, there is internal control over the level of nitrogen nitrate in vegetables;
  • Our products have low nitrate content, which meets Russia’s GOST standards (certificate of conformity dated March 4, 2015, GOST R 55906-2013). Our products are known for their very good taste and high content of solids, which predetermines increased transportability and high keeping quality of vegetables;
  • In our production, we use materials that meet Russia’s State Standards, which is confirmed by our certificates of conformity;
  • Our domestically-grown products are much healthier for residents. Scientists have, for a long time, experimentally proved an amazing fact – vegetables, fruits, grains, and all other crops grown in a human climate zone, are much better absorbed by the body, they have a certain therapeutic effect, and are less likely to cause allergies. Little wonder that paediatricians all over the world advise mothers to feed their babies with only natural domestically-grown products in the first stages of life.