The manifest

The time has come to bring in the new culture.

The culture of freedom and gastronomic discoveries, the culture of abundance and quality.

The one in which the names of Plumini, Jardiles, or Red Desire are not subject to question but to admiration.

The one that allows everyone to taste, create, and experiment.

The one dismissing unambiguous “Good” and “Right” and praising “Love” and “Try”.

In our culture, business isn’t just about money. It’s about people for whom dedicating themselves to their work is not just an empty word but the only way to live.

Our culture combines passion, technology, aesthetics, and innovation.

And while we are willing to explore new solutions and evolve, we always remain committed to quality.

Behold the new era of possibilities!

Because having limitless access to quality products is the right everyone deserves!

What we do is we liberate fruits and vegetables from the captivity of salads, baskets, and platters to give them a new fresh life.

So, hooray for the renaissance of the new agrarian culture!

Hooray for ECO-CULTURE!