Red cherry tomato

Weight 11-16 g Color red Shape round

Red cherry tomatoes are colorful and juicy ones with high vitamin content and strong flavor. In the greenhouses of our agricultural holding, those are harvested both as individual fruits and in bunches. The vegetables find a wide application in cooking. In addition to being used in salads, as well as first and second courses, red cherry is an essential serving and decorating element in a large number of recipes. Thanks to the versatility of use and attractive appearance, cherry tomatoes are highly valued among professional cooks. As for vitamin C content, red cherry tomatoes can compete with the citrus fruits. The presence of lycopene in the composition is what makes this product one of the most effective means of preventing cardiovascular pathologies. “ECO-culture” company is constantly expanding the product line of cherry tomatoes. Our customers have the opportunity to regularly try new products and find the best flavor for themselves and their families.

Yellow cherry tomato

Weight 15-20 g Color yellow Shape round, spherical

Consumer demand for yellow cherry tomatoes continues to grow every year. This is driven by the outstanding qualities of the vegetable – the sweet taste that is common to all yellow varieties and hybrids, the increased concentration of healthy nutrients, and the exquisite appearance of the fruits. The yellow cherry tomato is the real record-breaker in terms of sugar content. Yellow cherry tomatoes are recommended to people who tend to suffer from allergic reactions. The level of ascorbic acid in such tomatoes is significantly reduced compared to red varieties, while beta-carotene content is increased, which is extremely important for the stable functioning of the human immune system, strengthening of bone tissue, and prevention of eye diseases.

Cherry kumato tomato

Weight 12-30 g Color red brown Shape round

Cherry kumato tomatoes are a great example of the joint work of breeders and agricultural engineers. Besides their elegant shape and unusual color, the black cherry tomatoes are characterized by a high index on the Brix scale. The taste of the tomatoes can hardly be called classic as well.

Kumatoes belong to salad tomato varieties and are excellent for eating fresh. Meanwhile, they can also be used for second courses.

The variety’s unique characteristics determine the nutritional composition of cherry kumato fruits. The main benefit of the black cherry tomatoes is the content of anthocyanine – a substance that has proven prophylactic effects against cardiovascular diseases.

томат коктейльный сливовидный красный

Red cocktail plum-shaped tomatoes

Weight 25-30 g, 30-35 g Color red Shape oval

Сocktail plum-shaped tomatoes is one of the most popular varieties of tomato. It has a characteristic pleasant sweetish taste due to its content of beneficial natural sugars in larger quantities than in ordinary tomato. The fruit weighs 25 to 35g.
Tomatoes is harvested in long branches.
Сocktail plum-shaped tomatoes are appetizers. They are used for preparing various salads and for canning. They also serve as standalone dish, perfectly complementing the most exacting table.