Round pink cocktail tomato

Weight 40-45 гр. Color pink Shape round

Round cocktail tomatoes belong to the premium segment of the market. The perfectly shaped fruits of the peculiar pink color have delicate thin skin and excellent flavor qualities. Despite the quiet calm color, the fruits of this variety have a distinctive tomato flavor and extraordinarily juicy flesh. The content of fiber, vitamins, and other healthy elements in pink tomatoes allows this product to be classified as dietary. Tomatoes can be considered as a preventive measure against cardiovascular and many other diseases and are recommended to all people adhering to the principles of a healthy diet. Pink cocktail tomatoes are widely used in cooking as an ingredient for fresh vegetable salads, as well as for dish decoration and are especially appreciated by consumers in the cold season.

Yellow cocktail tomatoes

Weight 20-30 g, 30-35 g Color yellow orange Shape round

Yellow cocktail tomatoes are relatively new direction of plant breeding. Such fruits are larger than cherry tomatoes, but still fall into the category of small tomatoes. The weight of one tomato does not reach more than 35 g. It is usually round-shaped and bright yellow.
Would be a good choice when cooking salads, first and second courses, perfect for pickles and marinades because of its rather small size. Suitable for making ketchup, marinara and tomato sauces and juice.
The tomatoes are drop-resistant and can be perfectly preserved on a bush even after ripening. Besides, they have high capacity level and suitable for long-distance transportation. Agrotechnical qualities of the tomatoes are also remarkable – cocktail tomatoes are easy to care for, do not require pinching, and they outperform even large tomatoes by prolificness.

томат сливовидный красный

Red plum-shaped tomatoes

Weight 70-90 g Color red Shape oval

Red, medium-sized, plum-shaped tomato for cluster and individual picking. This hybrid tomato has a high yield throughout all seasons: early spring, summer and winter. Remarkable fruit quality. Pleasant red color, uniform ripening without spots and micro-cracking. The vegetables come with excellent taste, appetizing appearance and a good shelf life. It is ideal for preparing salads.

томат сливовидный желтый

Yellow plum-shaped tomatoes

Weight 60-70 g Color yellow orange Shape oval

Plum-shaped yellow-orange tomatoes not only have original appearance, but also a unique composition. Just like other yellow grades, high levels of beta carotene contain in plum-shaped tomatoes. These are powerful antioxidants, immunostimulators and adaptogens.
Besides, yellow tomatoes are famous for its rich, sweet and bold favour with a pleasant light note of sourness. Particular attention should be given to the pronounced “tomato-ish” aroma of plum-shaped fruits: the tomatoes contain almost twice more sugars, vitamins, and other useful connections than their red brothers.
This kind of tomatoes would be perfect when used fresh, as an ingredient of vitamin salads, second and first courses. They are also suitable for conservation and freezing and have good keeping capacity, allowing them to keep attractive presentation and undergo long transportation.