Round red tomatoes

Weight 110-130 g Color red Shape round

Medium-sized red tomatoes are the most popular tomato varieties. The red tomato is known for its dense, round weak-ribbed fruits with smooth skin and whole pulp without voids. This tomato is used in preparing so many hot dishes and salads – in canned and fresh form. It comes with excellent keeping quality, high marketability and harmonious balanced taste. These are just some of the beneficial traits from the impressive list of characteristic features of red tomato.
Red tomato is one of the easiest-to-digest and healthiest vegetables. It contains sufficient natural plant fiber, vitamin B, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, trace elements of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. This rich content of nutrients makes tomato suitable as a dietary food.

Round kumato tomato

Weight 120-150 g Color red brown Shape round

Black round tomato is significantly different from the classic red and yellow hybrids due to its exotic color varying from dark green during ripening to dark chocolate once it’s ripe. Not only do kumato fruits have an unusual color, but they also have a spicy taste. The tomatoes are perfect for salads thanks to their organoleptic qualities, and the color of peel and flesh makes it possible to widely use tomatoes in food decorating. Tomatoes of these varieties contain a large number of vitamins and anthocyanic complex. Nowadays, the therapeutic effect of anthocyanins has been proven: they show anticarcinogenic effect, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseaseы, improve visual acuity, and also exhibit antioxidant activity.

Round pink tomatoes

Weight 160 g Color bright pink Shape round

Today, pink tomato is not just popular, but loved dearly all over the world – all thanks to its amazing taste. Sweet, juicy, “fleshy” – perfect for cooking a variety of dishes and for fresh consumption.