Eco-Culture LLC

Eco-Culture LLC

Produced products

4470 tons of vegetables per year

Project area

20.6 Ha


340 jobs



“Eco-Culture” greenhouse complex is the holding’s first production site that was launched in 2012. The main principles of the company, which later became the standard for all of the holding’s enterprises, were initially put into practice here. Those include environmentally friendly production, innovative greenhouse technologies, elimination of chemical methods of plant protection and fruit-bearing stimulation.

The total area of the facility comprises 20.6 hectares of automated greenhouses of the autumn-spring cycle. The high level of technical equipment and the well-established team of competent employees allow the most demanding hybrids and varieties, including those exclusive to the Russian market, to be grown at these production sites.

Here, the most up-to-date and advanced greenhouse technologies are used. Climatic conditions inside the premises are controlled by an automated system. The equipment provides round-the-clock monitoring of cultivation conditions and operational control of cooling, ventilation, and drip irrigation. In addition, the computer also regulates the assistive illumination process and the content of carbon dioxide in the air.

The climate management system reacts instantly to external conditions and makes optimum adjustments to the operating mode. Precise settings depending on wind, rain, sunshine create a perfect microclimate, which has a positive effect on the quality and yield of the crops.

Meanwhile, the usage of a smart energy-saving mode significantly reduces electricity and gas costs. Both drainage and rain water undergo two stages of purification – thermal and ultraviolet ones, which also reduces water supply and fertilizer costs.

Apart from that, the greenhouse complexes are equipped with systems for record-keeping of the plant care, harvesting, sorting, and packing of the end products.

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