Solnechniy-Dar LLC

Solnechniy-Dar LLC

Produced products

38738 tons of vegetables per year

Project area

83.27 Ha


1528 jobs



“Solnechny Dar” is ranked among the most ambitious projects of the holding. The total area is 83.27 hectares, with the construction of the 4th stage of greenhouse facilities still underway and scheduled to be commissioned in 2023.

The greenhouse complex features a state-of-the-art computerized microclimate control system. Such equipment is the most effective all-in-one solution to be installed in modern greenhouses.

The computer takes care of the whole cycle of growing crops, regulates the heating and cooling systems, lighting regime, drip irrigation, and the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. In addition, it monitors the attendance records of the enterprise’s employees.

The system is aimed at creating excellent conditions for the growth and development of plants. It is also essential that only environmentally friendly methods are adopted for pest control. For example, macrolophus bugs are bred in the laboratory specifically to kill insect pests while bumblebees are used to pollinate plants and create an optimal biological balance inside each greenhouse.

Currently, 38738 tons of vegetables are grown annually in “Solnechny Dar” complex. The products’ main advantages include ecological safety, excellent taste, and attractive commercial appearance. Another success factor is the favorable geographical location of the complex in relation to the consumers, as well as a modern approach to agricultural technology and strict compliance with the established sanitary and procedural standards.

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