Tulskiy LLC

Tulskiy LLC

Produced products

11030 tons of vegetables per year

Project area

26.05 Ha


500 jobs



The new greenhouse complex within ECO-Culture agricultural holding is located in Tula Oblast and was designed with the use of state-of-the-art domestic and foreign technologies in the field of indoor vegetable cultivation. The first line of the greenhouse complex, where the most demanded varieties of tomatoes are to be grown, has been already launched. The existing greenhouse area is 26.05 ha, with a capacity of about 11,03 thousand tons of vegetables per year. There are 500 new jobs created.

The newest generation automated control system is used in the complex to guarantee the creation of the optimal microclimate for the cultivation of vegetable crops. The level of artificial lighting, humidity and temperature, carbon dioxide content, and frequency of fertilization – all these parameters are regulated by the central computer.

Similar to all ECO-Culture’s greenhouse complexes, the Tula branch focuses on safe and eco-friendly production. During the cultivation of vegetables, no growth stimulants or chemical agents are used to protect plants from diseases and pests. In contrast, only natural methods and techniques are practiced.

Once all the stages of the complex are fully operational, its area will reach 52,73 hectares, while the annual output will increase to 29350 tons of vegetables. The second line are expected to be put into operation by 2021.

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