Voronezhskiy LLC

Voronezhskiy LLC

Produced products

12765 tons of vegetables per year

Project area

20.51 Ha


347 jobs



Voronezhskiy greenhouse complex is a high-tech and modern enterprise specializing in the production of vegetables in an indoor environment. This is one of the biggest agricultural projects in the greenhouse industry located in the central Black Earth economic region of Russia. The total area of the greenhouses will amount to 60 hectares. Once launched at full capacity, the complex will have every chance of becoming the most efficient agricultural facility of its kind in the region. The construction is being supported by the local authorities – the complex is expected to have a positive impact on the economy of the region and provide the local population not only with fresh vegetables but also with new jobs.

All the major production processes in the greenhouses are controlled by a central computer. The intelligent system regulates air temperature, irrigation, supplementary lighting, mineral nutrition, ventilation, and the carbon dioxide content inside the premises. This way, it creates an excellent microclimate for the plants’ proper growth and development.

Just like in other ECO-Cultures greenhouses, the new complex uses exclusively biological cultivation methods. Natural tomato pollinators – bumblebees, whose families permanently live in the greenhouses in special artificial hives – are used to stimulate the fruiting. Besides that, the plants are protected from pests by predatory bugs destroying whiteflies and other dangerous insects.

Moreover, being highly specialized (only tomatoes are grown in this facility), it brings a number of strategic advantages to the company:

  • Up to 12 different hybrids can be grown simultaneously. Depending on market demand, the production volume of a particular tomato variety can be adjusted, allowing for improved economics and maximum customer satisfaction.
  • There are special units in the complex allocated for breeding work to test and introduce new varieties and hybrids into production. Entering the market, new products expand the company’s assortment and stimulate customer activity.
  • The time-proven cultivation technologies guarantee consistent product quality.
  • The broad scale of production ensures that products are always delivered on time and in the right volume. This is especially important for many business partners, for example, federal retail chains.
  • Fresh, tasty, and healthy tomatoes are grown throughout the year regardless of the season or climatic factors.

In the greenhouse complex, all the sanitary and hygiene regulations are strictly adhered to. Each employee is obliged to disinfect his or her hands and change his or her clothes before entering the premises. These measures allow boosting the end product’s safety, as well as its environmental friendliness.

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