RBC looks back on the first year with COVID-19

Russia’s leading media holding RBC posted a new article on its website. Famous politicians and businessmen told the reporters about the changes in their lives caused by the coronavirus pandemic this year. Alexander Rudakov, the President of ECO-Culture agricultural holding, joined the special project as one of the invited experts.

Commenting on the situation, Alexander Rudakov noted that the pandemic period was an original test for managers at all the production levels. It required constant monitoring of the news agenda and, based on current changes occurring, introducing new, unified solutions.

The pandemic made us realize once again that in any business, the most important asset is people. And not just those who make decisions, but also those who put them into practice. It also gave us a better understanding that such things as technological progress and digitalization must be implemented in every sphere and this upgrading must not stop even for a minute. If it wasn’t for the planned modernization of the company’s internal processes, the transition of some employees to remote work would not have been as easy as it was. Subsequently, it would have cost a lot more time and money.

Further in the discussion, the President of the holding emphasized that “we are all in the same boat here” meaning that no one has the privilege of being protected from a pandemic. That’s the exact reason for people to help each other and support those in need to the best of their ability.

Another thing this year has taught us is that the ability to adapt quickly and appropriately to changes in the situation and promptly adjust to new conditions is an extremely important skill for both a businessman and an employee.

As for ECO-Culture holding, during the months of the pandemic, it has gained even more strength and vitality. Not only the economic parameters did not show a decline, but even on the contrary, they increased. The company has already made quite extensive and ambitious plans for the next year. Healthy and nutritious food, especially vegetables, which are essential for any diet, will never be put aside, not by any coronavirus.

Those willing to read the full article and comments made by other participants in the special project – officials, businessmen, and prominent political figures – please visit RBC’s website.