Holding news

Representatives of ECO-Culture company and the Procurement Department of the Pyaterochka retail chain held a joint field session

The specialists of the Quality Control Department at ECO-Culture had a meeting with the procurement team of the Pyaterochka retail chain. The event took place in one of the holding’s greenhouse complexes located in the town of Pikalyovo, Leningrad Oblast.

Held in a format of a field session, the meeting had a multi-purpose designation. The parties shared their experiences in creating and establishing their own companies, touched upon the immediate prospects for development, and exchanged opinions on working issues related to the technology of growing, transportation, and marketing of agricultural products.

As a part of the session’s working program, the representatives of ECO-Culture company introduced the partners with the most advanced Dutch and Finnish technologies of growing vegetables in greenhouses. Further on, they also spoke about the peculiarities of applying these technologies in the climatic conditions of Leningrad Oblast. The experts demonstrated all the stages of production – sowing seeds, bushing seedlings, caring for plants, harvesting, sorting, and packaging of the end product.

The partners then had a tour of the seedling station, visited the production areas with fruit-bearing tomatoes, and also had a chance to observe the work of the solution unit, the area where nutrient formulas for the plants are being prepared. The guests have noted the high sanitary and hygienic state of all the premises of the complex, as well as the strict observance of the refrigerating technological process.

The field session participants were especially interested in the methods of biological protection used in the agricultural holding’s greenhouses – in particular, implanting of entomophages (natural enemies of plant pests) and spraying of plants with whole milk. After that, the partners could read the results of the study for nitrates in the nutrient substrate and fruits. Their content turned out to be significantly lower than in traditional open ground and the tomatoes that were grown in it. It proved once again that the “eco” prefix in the name of the agricultural holding is not just an empty phrase but a statement of fact: the company’s products really are environmentally friendly and completely natural.

After the tour, the participants discussed the issue of expanding the tolerance range for vegetables without losing their quality parameters, as well as increasing the range and quantity of products available on the Pyaterochka’s shelves in the Northwestern Federal District. It was important for both parties that they have the same understanding of the quality parameters of the goods to be sold.

At the end of the session, ECO-Culture’s employees invited the retailer’s representatives from other districts and regions of the country to visit the greenhouse complexes of the agricultural holding.

After all, it is honesty, openness, and a constant willingness to dialogue that are the main principles of the company’s interaction with its partners and customers.