Retailing in the new realities

The “Expert” weekly analytical magazine has published an article devoted to the current situation with supplies and sales of essential goods in retail chains and online stores. Quarantine measures and other restrictions imposed by the pandemic led to increased demand for a range of products. Sales of cereals, pasta, and canned meat increased tenfold, and demand for personal hygiene products increased hundreds of times.

In the new realities, the largest retail chains in Russia, as well as food manufacturers, are forced to change their business practices. In order to prevent shortages and panic among citizens, the government has taken a number of unprecedented measures to support business including simplifying transportation and trade regulations and allowing online sales of medicinal products.

Market players shared their views on the current situation in the trade and production areas and voiced their forecasts and expectations about future prospects in the retail sector.

Among the invited experts answering the questions of the magazine were managers of the largest retailers in the country, as well as online trade and industrial sector representatives. Among the survey participants was also Larisa Yerina, the Director of Sales Department of “ECO-Culture” agricultural holding.

The first to feel the increase and change in consumer demand were hypermarkets and supermarkets. In the last weeks of March, sales in the capital’s stores increased several times – so many packs of cereal and toilet paper have never been sold before. The increased demand has led to some interruptions in supply and forced retailers to make changes in the usual working scheme.

At the same time, according to Larisa Yerina, the excitement has spared vegetable products except for the increased online sale of fresh vegetables with home delivery in “Perekrestok” chain. In general, according to the Director of Sales Department of “ECO-Culture”, orders and supplies are carried out in a normal mode in the company, but there should be expected an even greater increase in demand for remote sales anytime soon.

It is the delivery of goods purchased online that turned out to be a weak link in all the businesses that are engaged in this area. The average check for such purchases has almost doubled, and in the nearest future, the number of orders will only continue to increase. To manage the processing of orders, retail chains will have to hire more couriers and warehouse workers.

The full text of the article is available in the online version of the “Expert” magazine.