Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex is looking for employees

Svoyo TV (Stavropol Krai) aired a report on the Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex which is located in Izobilnensky District of the region and operates as part of ECO-Culture holding. Right now, the enterprise is gradually increasing its production capacity and recruiting vegetable growers, handymen, and warehouse workers. The company is willing to consider candidates both with and without work experience. The video features an interview with specialists currently employed by the greenhouse facility, distribution center, and HR department.

Solnechny Dar complex covers an area of 83 hectares. It consists of three functioning phases of greenhouses plus its own distribution center where vegetables get sorted, packaged, and prepared to be further shipped to retail stores. The greenhouses produce only environmentally friendly tomatoes by using biological practices and techniques. Here, no chemical methods of plant protection or growth stimulants are allowed. The end product is distributed not only in local stores but all over Russia as well.

The daily yield reaches about 150 tons, comprising both common varieties (round and plum-shaped tomatoes) and exclusive ones (cherry hybrids). The current number of varieties grown in the facility is five in total. One of these is Delisher, the winner of the grand prize at the Prodexpo-2022 all-Russian exhibition in the category “Best Product”.

According to Nikita Ivanov, the head of the distribution center, today’s scale of the complex enables supply to almost all federal districts of Russia.

Right now, the company employs more than 1,000 people. Immediate plans include the launch of the 4th stage, which will be used to grow not only tomatoes but cucumbers as well.

Elena Polousova, the Head of the Solnechny Dar’s HR Department, says that the enterprise is willing to hire people with and without work experience. Today, it is understaffed with vegetable growers (specialists responsible directly for crop cultivation and harvesting), greenhouse handymen, and warehouse workers. The working schedule is organized n such a way to maximize the personnel’s convenience. In summer, the workday starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m., while in the rest of the year the employees work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

With greenhouses producing tomatoes year-round, production areas expanding, and capacities increasing, employment is expected to be rather stable to ensure that all employees have confidence in their future.

Those who want to see the full video report can find it on the Svoyo TV official website.