Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex is set to expand production

ATV-Stavropol TV channel ran a video piece describing the plans for the development of the Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex located in the village of Solnechnodolsk, Izobilnensky District, Stavropol Krai. In particular, there are plans to launch new facilities and increase the number of employees. The TV reporters talked to the staff and managers to find out more about the upcoming capacity expansion.

Solnechny Dar grows round, plum-shaped, cherry, and other tomato varieties. The area of 83 hectares enables vegetables to ripen all year round to be further sold in stores in Stavropol Krai and many other cities in dozens of regions of Russia. The stability and prosperity of the facility’s operations is ensured by an efficient management system combined with well-timed logistics. Right now, the enterprise comprises three phases of greenhouses and its own distribution center, where vegetables are sorted and packaged for distribution to retail chains. As of June 2022, the number of staff members in Solnechny Dar is about 1,300 people. According to vegetable grower Andrey Petrenko, who was interviewed by the camera crew, being employed by the complex has a number of advantages. First of all, it is a decent wage and comfortable working conditions including a convenient schedule and transportation to and from the workplace. The standard working day starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Notably, the working hours are shifted in summer, starting from 6 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m.

Currently, the 4th phase of greenhouses construction is in full swing in Solnechnodolsk. Once commissioned, it will expand the production capacity to 38 hectares and create 400 new jobs. In fact, Solnechny Dar is suffering from a shortage of manpower right now.

The HR Department head, Elena Polousova, told the reporters about what prospects to be expected for the new employees. According to her, the company has created comfortable conditions for its staff. Those include in-house transportation and a stable salary. The enterprise uses a piece-rate wage system, so those who work with high quality and efficiency always have better chances to earn more money.

Regarding the new production cycle, the facility seems to be fully prepared for it. This was confirmed by Tatiana Kovaleva, the managing technologist of Solnechny Dar. Since the complex is a part of the largest federal agricultural holding ECO-Culture, all the production processes maintenance is done by the specialists of the management company, who address all the issues in a centralized way. Given the fact that foreign companies are leaving the Russian market and some significant changes in logistics, ECO-Culture took care of new purchases of seeds and consumables while elaborating the routes for their timely delivery to enterprises in all regions of the company’s presence. Suppliers, both domestic and foreign, have confirmed that they will fulfill their obligations in a timely manner and in full volume. All that creates certainty that the production plans will be implemented.

By the end of 2021, Solnechny Dar became the leader of Stavropol Krai in terms of indoor vegetable production. The thing the complex needs most for achieving new results is new employees. Right now, the facility employs people with and without previous experience in the industry. The company operates year-round, which means it provides the local population with fresh and tasty vegetables even in winter and in the off-season.

To watch the full video, please visit the ATV-media holding’s website.