Holding news

Solnechnyi Dar greenhouse complex is about to enter full operation

Solnechnyi Dar LLC, being a part of ECO-Culture holding, will soon complete the third and fourth construction stages of the greenhouse complex in Solnechnodolsk. In order to do so, the regional authorities are to help the company. The agreement on mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation was signed on July 18 by the Governor of Stavropol Krai Vladimir Vladimirov and the CEO of Solnechnyi Dar Valery Kotik.

The main agenda is about putting the complex into full operation by the end of 2020. The new phases will cover a total area of 60 hectares of indoor soil for tomato growing. After the complex is completed, 1000 new jobs will be created and 40,000 tons of vegetables are to be produced every year. High-tech greenhouses with smart lighting and climate control systems are already under construction.

The head of the region is willing to continue cooperation with the holding after the launch of the greenhouse complex. Stavropol Krai authorities are committed to supporting domestic producers and investors in the economic development of the region. In this regard, the greenhouse complex of a new type seems to be a very promising and profitable venture since a considerable share of the country’s fresh vegetable market is still occupied by imports.

The tomatoes grown without the use of growth stimulants and chemical protectors have much better taste and health benefits than Turkish ones or any other vegetables supplied from abroad. Thus, local consumers will be able to buy healthy and tasty products while supporting the domestic agricultural market.

Background information. The first and second phases of the Solnechnyi Dar greenhouse complex has been launched in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Right now, nearly 35,000 tonnes of organic vegetables are grown in the 57-hectare complexes every year.