The biggest greenhouse complex in the Moscow region is being built in Voskresensk

The Russian federal news agency SM-News, covering the most important events in the economy, politics, and culture in the country and abroad, has published an article on the construction of the Podmoskoviye year-round greenhouse complex in Voskresensk. The enterprise will be a part of ECO-culture holding and once all stages of the production are launched, it will occupy the area of 61 hectares.

The author of the article interviewed Valery Miroshkin, the Head of Podmoskoviye LLC and found out about the progress of the construction and the city’s prospects for the greenhouses to start operating at full capacity.

The company executive said that the agricultural holding investing its funds into the greenhouse complex near Moscow was not a mere random step – the place is situated close to the capital, at the intersection of the main transport arteries. The ECO-Culture distribution center is located nearby (in Podolsk), which creates undeniable advantages in terms of logistics: it will be much easier and cheaper to preserve the freshness of vegetables. In the future, though, a similar center is planned to be built in Voskresensk as well.

According to the company leader, the launch of the multifunctional agricultural center will give the town a great incentive for economic development. There will be new jobs created for both specialists and workers, while the municipality will be engaged in the development of the investments attracted and will receive taxes to the state treasury. In addition, the local supermarkets will be supplied with high quality and environmentally friendly products – after all, only natural methods of cultivation and protection are used in the greenhouses of the holding.

In his interview, Valery Miroshnikov also told about professions that will be in demand in the greenhouse facilities – agronomists, engineers, technologists, drivers, accountants, staff responsible for the quality of products and the greenhouse workers.

According to the head of the enterprise, work in the agricultural sector has radically changed in the past few years. Grueling labor has been replaced by progressive agricultural achievements. Modern greenhouses are controlled by computer technologies – the automated system supports the microclimate in the premises, monitors irrigation and fertilization. The only thing left for a human here is to set up the computers correctly and to harvest crops in a timely manner.

The new greenhouse complex will mainly produce cucumbers and lettuce.

The further conversation touched upon issues of eco-friendliness and quality of lettuce produced by ECO-culture, the principles and methods of cultivation applied in the Podmoskoviye greenhouse complex.

The launch of the first stage covering the area of 34,84 hectares is scheduled for November 2020. The project manager gave assurances that the dates are not to be changed – any delay will have a negative impact on the company’s economy.

For the full text of the interview, please visit the SM-News website.