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The children of ECO-Culture’s employees get their traditional New Year presents

Giving New Year presents to the children of the company’s employees is a long-standing tradition at ECO-Culture. This year, 5,200 gifts have been bought to be handed over to the kids in all regions of the holding’s presence. New Year surprises – educational game kits and sweets – were chosen with special care and love.

ECO-Culture is the leader in the domestic industry of indoor vegetable production. The company supplies the market with fresh products throughout the year, and each year the geographical presence of the holding expands. It enters new markets, builds new facilities, all to fulfill the nationwide task of import substitution in favor of high-quality Russian vegetables. Among other things, greenhouse complexes provide stable and well-paid jobs for thousands of people, as well as bring replenishments to the state treasury as major employers and taxpayers.

Particular attention being paid to employees’ families represents an important part of the holding’s social policy. This year, traditional New Year presents are to be given to children up to the age of 14 inclusively. The holiday packages include sweets, a stuffed tiger toy – the symbol of the coming year, and the “Sights of Russia” educational board game. Notably, all the components of the ECO-Culture’s corporate New Year present were supplied by Russian producers.

Besides, at the end of December, all enterprises of the holding are going to hold festive tea parties with a special cultural program. Another long-standing tradition of ECO-Culture, these events take place several times a year and are timed to national and professional holidays. For example, the company organizes celebrations on the Day of the Worker of Agriculture and Processing Industry and on the birthday of the holding – December 9. These activities promote cohesion among the company’s employees while strengthening corporate traditions.

Viktoria Sharapova, the company’s Vice President for Human Resources, notes that ECO-Culture is a large-scale and geographically dispersed producer employing many thousands of people. This is what makes it so important to keep personnel engaged in the company’s activities. Nationwide holidays, family-format competitions, festive events – all this helps each employee to feel that they belong to a huge and countrywide important organization that runs a socially responsible business to provide compatriots with ecologically clean and fresh vegetables.

For example, this year’s holding’s birthday was marked by several creative activities for all comers. These included a children’s drawing contest “My parents’ job in ECO-Culture”, a contest of cooking recipes featuring vegetables grown in the greenhouse complexes, and a quiz “50 Facts about our Company” for all employees. All these initiatives were met with great interest. The overall results were announced publicly, with all participants, not just the winners, receiving diplomas, gifts, and memorable souvenirs. Also, a special prize was granted to each child who took part in the drawing contest.

The time of New Year surprises is always a pleasant season at ECO-Culture’s enterprises. Giving joy to its employees and their children is one of many traditions the holding intends to strengthen in the future.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!