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The deputies of Tula Oblast Duma commended the results of ECO-Culture greenhouse complex performance

The Tula Oblast Duma deputies from the Committee for Economic Policy and Taxes visited Tulsky greenhouse complex located in Shchekinsky district. A detailed article devoted to the event was published on the legislative body’s website.

The establishment of Tulsky complex in Shchekinsky district is the product of joint efforts of the government, the Governor Alexei Dumin, and the regional executive authorities. The company’s performance allowed parliamentarians to positively assess the results of the work done to create a favorable investment climate in the region. The tax preferences received by investors attracted additional funds for the region’s economy, which positively affected the region’s development and financial performance. Nowadays, the complex has been granted the status of the largest investment project in the Central Federal District, taking into account that only the first phase of the greenhouse complex has been launched. In the nearest future, the enterprise is expected to reach its full capacity. The total volume of investment funds is expected to make 25 billion rubles.

The CEO of the complex Igor Pochechuyev briefly informed the deputies about the principles of greenhouse operation and demonstrated the process of growing environmentally friendly and healthy tomatoes. The Duma representatives were able to see in practice that the law “On Preferential Taxation of Investors” is bearing fruit – both literally and figuratively.

According to Galina Alyoshina, the Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Finance, the development of the region’s economy is the basis for its population’s well-being. Earlier, the Oblast Duma adopted a number of laws aimed at attracting serious investments to the region. In particular, it introduced tax privileges for investors and reduced the amount of funds required to receive preferences from 100 million to 20 million rubles. In addition, the deputies adopted the Law “On investment tax deduction”. Galina Alyoshina noted not only the huge scale of production but also the high quality of vegetables, which are not inferior but even superior in taste and all other characteristics to those imported.

The deputy Dmitry Afonichev also shared his feelings about what he had seen. He noted the high level of technology used in the greenhouse complex. This includes heating, lighting, roof snow load management, and, in particular, the safest methods of pest control and the use of bumblebees as plant pollinators.

The Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the region Nadezhda Komarova voiced the facts that resulted from the creation of a climate favorable for large investments within the region. At the end of the last year, investors have received 1 billion rubles in benefits. Thanks to a purposeful and systematic approach, Tula Oblast is now one of the three leading regions with an improved comfort level for doing business.
For the full text of the article, please visit Tula Oblast Duma’s official website.