The products will be given the green light

The new issue of the “Kommersant” newspaper featured an article on cargo transportation in Russia in the conditions of the pandemics. Manufacturers and sellers of food products appealed to the Prime Minister with a request to revoke a number of restrictions that apply to transportation. In the current situation, the delay of cargoes threatens the shortage of some goods and the breakdown of supplies.

The article voiced the opinions of key market players and the reaction of the authorities to the appeal. Among the invited experts was Denis Gryaznov, the Director of Transport Logistics of “ECO-Culture” agricultural holding, the largest supplier of greenhouse vegetables to Russian retail chains.

The authors of the article refer to the official document which was sent to Mikhail Mishustin by Olga Fedotkina, the Managing Director of the National Union of Experts in Transport, on behalf of the producers, representatives of transport companies, and the largest retailers of the country. The document reads that given the current situation, restrictive measures may have a negative impact on the timeliness and continuity of food supplies to Russian retail chains.

The measures taken in the EU and EAEC countries have already affected the transport sector and caused problems with product supplies. Therefore Russian business representatives proposed several changes: to revoke all restrictions related to the current seasonal drying of roads, to organize the transportation of products with increased efficiency, i.e. to allow the excess of the transport load by 10% of the current limits. In addition, the action group advocated the simplification of the procedure for issuing permits for imported food to enter the capital.

The Government has already partly taken into account the wishes of businessmen – for example, it has abolished seasonal restrictions for freight transport. However, most of the regulatory constraints remain in place, which threatens to reduce the volume of transport in the very near future and could lead to the food supply shortage.

Denis Gryaznov believes that even if the restrictions are abolished, it will only have a short-term positive effect, and in the future will lead to more serious losses – road repair costs, accidents caused by overloads and vehicle wear. The Director of Transport Logistics proposes an alternative solution that is to introduce subsidies for the transportation of food products across Russia in the amount of 30-50% of the overall expenses.

For the full text of the article, please visit the “Kommersant” newspaper website.