The “Solnechny dar” greenhouse complex brings more money to the Stavropol Krai treasury and plans to build a village with 50,000 square meters total area

The TV program “Vesti. Stavropol Krai” aired a story about the economic situation and the near future of the Izobilnenskyi urban district. The hosts told about construction sites and enterprises in rural areas that are partially funded from the state budget as part of the rural development program.

According to the approved state program “Sustainable development of rural areas”, in 4 years Izobilnensky district will receive 2 billion rubles, including from the regional budget.

Since 2016, 6 billion roubles have been invested annually in the Krai’s agriculture, with budget revenues at all levels (federal, regional, and local) almost doubling. In other words, not only isn’t public money wasted but it is also multiplying.

In the district itself, in addition to the budget money, the revenue comes from new enterprises, which has been consistently appearing here. One example of a successful project is the “Solnechny Dar” greenhouse complex built in Solnechnodolsk by the leading agro-industrial holding “ECO-culture”.

The complex works even at night and represents a fantastic spectacle from a bird’s-eye viewpoint. The supplementary lighting bulbs shine in the dark and help vegetables to ripen in the shortest time, giving a year-round harvest. Today there is a quarantine zone – no one but employees who have passed a thorough inspection are allowed on the territory of 52 hectares. In summer, the area of greenhouses will grow by another 26 hectares – the construction of the third stage is underway.

Valeriy Kotik, the head of the complex, talked to “Vesti” about the enterprise’s work and plans for the future. According to him, this is the most advanced greenhouse version with intensive lighting, as well as smart climate and heating control systems. All these options increase the yield, and hence the profitability of the farm by 40-50 percent compared to traditional greenhouse structures. The complex has its own power station, and most recently a distribution center was launched. Here, vegetables are packed and sorted before being shipped to retail chains.

According to Valeriy Kotik, the budget of the enterprise includes 80 percent of credit funds and 20 percent of the company’s own investments. The holding is using all types of state loan support for agricultural projects and borrows money from banks on favorable terms. If it were not for such assistance, it would be extremely difficult to develop such large-scale production.

The hosts noted that in addition to delicious and healthy tomatoes, the greenhouse provides the district with plenty of jobs. More than 1000 employees are already working at the plant, and there is a constant shortage of manpower. Right now the complex is ready to hire another 300 employees, providing them with a place to live and delivering to their workplace. There will be even more jobs available once the 3rd stage of construction is completed. Last year, greenhouses brought 20 million rubles to the local budget (just a year after the project was launched), this year there are even more payments expected.

The company plans to build a 50,000 sq.m. village near the complex with affordable housing and well-developed infrastructure to attract local people to new jobs. The initiative will be supported with regional and federal budget money.

For the full story, please see the program “Vesti. Stavropol Krai” of April 28, 2020.