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Tulsky greenhouse complex takes part in the regional producers’ fair in the Tula Kremlin

On June 16, in the atrium of the Tula Kremlin, an exhibition fair took place. Here, the region’s major enterprises had a chance to present their products. The event was timed to coincide with a training seminar “Implementation of the state national policy in the subjects of the Russian Federation” held in the Central Federal District. The long-term project is considered of all-Russian importance and is implemented jointly with the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs and Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is aimed at the training of specialists involved in inter-ethnic relations.

One of the companies to present its products was Tulsky greenhouse complex, acting as a part of ECO-Culture holding. The facility is located in Schekinsky district of Tula Oblast and has a status of a backbone object in the region’s economy and is the largest investment project in Central Russia.

The ECO-Culture’s stand featured vegetables grown in an indoor environment – fresh tomatoes of different varieties, including some hybrids that are unique in Russia.

According to the complex’s CEO Igor Antonov, it was a great pleasure for the company’s employees to take part in the event and present their products at the exhibition area of the Tula Kremlin. Sweet and eco-friendly, these tomatoes are sure to please the visitors with their excellent taste and flavor.

Created with the use of advanced domestic and foreign greenhouse technologies, Tulsky was launched in 2020. Currently, the first phase of 26.05 hectares has been put into operation. It is here that the most popular varieties of tomatoes are grown. So far, the enterprise’s output amounts to about 22,000 tons of vegetables a year. After the launch of the second stage, once the complex is operating at full capacity, the volume of production is expected to exceed 40,000 tons. At the same time, the area of greenhouses will be around 53 hectares.

For the residents of Tula Oblast, this means not only a constant supply of tasty, healthy, and environmentally friendly vegetables but also additional jobs with decent pay and excellent career prospects. Today, the enterprise employs more than 380 local people. In a year, as the facility reaches its full capacity, the number of jobs should rise to 800.

The complex is powered by a new-generation greenhouse control solution. The computerized control system monitors the maintenance of optimal microclimate in greenhouses, regulating temperature, humidity level, lighting, fertilization intervals, and other parameters. For that, only biological methods of growth stimulation and pest and disease protection are used. Notably, ECO-Culture’s products have certificates to confirm its complete safety and have been repeatedly awarded prizes and diplomas at major international exhibitions.