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Tulsky greenhouse complex wins the “Tulsky Business 2020” award

On December 11 the annual “Tulsky Business” award ceremony was held. The winner in the category “Investor of the Year” was Tulsky greenhouse complex, operating as a part of ECO-Culture agro-industrial holding. On behalf of the company, the prize was received by the enterprise’s CEO Igor Valentinovich Pochechuyev.

Tulsky complex is one of ECO-Culture’s long-term investment projects. Currently, only the first phase of the greenhouses has been put into operation, with the second phase expected to be launched in 2021 and the third phase in 2022. The facility’s total area will amount to 77 hectares. Even now, only a year after its opening, the enterprise appears to be the largest greenhouse enterprise in the area supplying fresh tomatoes not only to Tula Oblast but also to many neighboring regions. Just like in all of the agricultural holding’s greenhouse complexes, an environmentally friendly method of crop cultivation is practiced here. This means that no chemical plant protection agents or growth stimulants are involved in the production process. The use of exclusively biological methods guarantees the vegetables are environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy, as well as have a rich and all-natural taste.

Tulsky investment project has had a beneficial effect not only on the economy of the district it is located in but also of the region as a whole. The enterprise has already created 500 new jobs mostly filled by local residents. In the near future, the number of vacancies is to be increased by 2-3 times.

The “Tulsky Business” is the first annual independent award for entrepreneurs in the region. Established in 2010, it is aimed at stimulating the economic activity of small, medium, and large enterprises in Tula Oblast.

Not only the award determines the best players in the field and strengthens the image of the winning companies, but also attracts investments into the local economy. The enterprises taking part in the event get an opportunity to expand their activities and enter new markets, both in the region and in the whole of Russia.

This year, there have been radical changes made to the format of the award. The epidemiological situation made its adjustments. In fact, for each of the twenty-three laureates in their respective nominations, a separate awarding ceremony was held. The awards were handed out personally by the members of the Expert Council and invited guests from among the city’s prominent residents. The prize-giving took place in six significant locations of Tula. One of them was the Tula Arms Museum, where representatives of the greenhouse complex received the award.

Symbolically, the award ceremony was held in the Hall of Fame of the building well-known both in Tula and all over Russia, made in the form of a bogatyr helmet. The prize was handed over to the complex’s CEO by Andrey Shestakov, the Head of the Oblast Development Corporation.

Being acknowledged professionally during the company’s first year of operation shows the serious intentions of the largest ECO-culture’s subsidiary in the Central District. This is none other than a confirmation of the fact that investments in agricultural production can be just as profitable and commercially successful as others.