Zhanna Eronina: consumers do not want tasteless greenhouse vegetables

An interview with Zhanna Eronina, the Head of the Marketing Department of “ECO-Culture” holding, was published on AGRO.RU portal. The conversation touched upon the issues of expanding the range of assortment and work on the quality of products as methods of meeting the changing demands of customers.

According to the authors of the article, modern food manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to compete with each other for the attention of consumers. The trend towards a healthy lifestyle has strengthened the position of fruits and vegetables on the market, but not all products are in demand as customers need guaranteed healthy and quality products.

The first question was about products that meet the requirements of a healthy life-style. Does the trend influence the choice of the buyer and the frequency of visits to the store? Zhanna Eronina believes that while devotion to healthy diet undoubtedly affects consumer habits, it does not reduce the number of visits to the store, and even increases it. Organic products have a short shelf life – they cannot always be purchased for later. Besides, the manufacturer’s goal is to offer a range of products that would satisfy all categories of customers.

An example of a successful marketing strategy can be provided by “ECO-culture” company offering a line of exclusive tomatoes named “Cherryeshki”. When developing this product, marketing experts were focused on 3 consumer groups:

  • children – “Cherryeshki. Detki”;
  • active adults – “Cherryeshki. Activ”;
  • adults for whom family values come first – “Cherryeshki. Semya”.

For each of these categories, a separate proposal has been elaborated – a unique combination of tomatoes and environmentally friendly packaging of different sizes. This differentiation has led to a significant increase in demand.

The next issue was the cost of products. Zhanna Eronina believes that the relatively high price for organic vegetables is due to objective factors – the cost of producing such products is much higher. It is also important to legally restrict unscrupulous producers who position their goods as “environmentally safe”, but in reality, simply deceive customers.

At the end of the discussion, the demand for organic products in recent years was touched upon. According to the Head of Marketing, the demand for healthy and organic vegetables is constantly growing. People have tried really delicious vegetables and no longer want to buy “tasteless” ones. Consumers’ preferences speak for themselves – the share of imported tomatoes and cucumbers on the Russian market has significantly decreased, as Russian products surpass those by all parameters. The manufacturer’s main goal in such a situation is to keep the same level of quality and constantly offer new products to consumers.

The full text of the interview is available on website.