Zhanna Eronina tells about the trends and achievements of the past year website dedicated to coverage of the agricultural industry news published an interview with Zhanna Eronina, the Head of Marketing Department at ECO-culture holding. She reported about the achievements of the holding for the last year and what perspectives the company anticipates this year.

The interview is preceded by background information that in 2019 investment projects in the greenhouse industry were deprived of state support, which caused a negative reaction from most participants of the market. There is a risk that the growth rates of greenhouse capacities accumulated over the past years will not be maintained in the future. However, there were positive changes as well – the Ministry of Agriculture proposed to set reduced rates on energy resources for greenhouse enterprises, and the Greenhouses of Russia Association initiated the development of specialized insurance programs for greenhouse vegetable production.

The authors of the article asked Zhanna Eronina how all these news have affected the work of the agricultural holding and what achievements have been accomplished by the company in 2019.

The Head of the Marketing Department described the past year as very successful in terms of plan implementation. With the commissioning of the second stages of complexes in Stavropol Krai and Lipetsk Oblast, the total area of the holding’s greenhouses increased by 62.2 ha. Agreements were signed with world breeders for the supply of exclusive tomato seed material. In addition, ECO-culture in cooperation with the Russian company Gavrish is planning to build its own breeding center this year to produce domestic seeds, which are expected to be not lower in quality than European ones.

The next question was about new trends in the global and Russian agribusiness. Zhanna Eronina admitted that the export-oriented tendency of many companies did not pass over ECO-culture either but the company believes providing quality products to the domestic market to be its main mission. Once the Russian consumer will receive quality vegetable products in the necessary quantity, it will be possible to turn towards export projects.

At the same time, most of the modern trends seem to be driven by the consumers themselves. For example, people have highly appreciated cherry and cocktail tomatoes – these are the varieties that the company’s greenhouse complexes in different regions of the country were focused on in 2019. Another “agenda of the year” was the transition to fully “green” production. This does not only apply to the products themselves, but also to packaging that should be environmentally friendly as well. Using cardboard instead of plastic is the trend that the company plans to maintain in the future.

The most significant event of the last year, according to Zhanna Eronina, was the prolongation of the grace period for agricultural enterprises up to 2024 – it became a powerful growth driver for the holding and the industry as a whole.

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