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ECO-Culture Eurasia Agriculture – a company implementing a project for the construction of a modern greenhouse complex for growing tomatoes in an extremely hot climate using its own innovative technologies.
Our own innovative developments, combined with years of professional experience and comprehensive expertise in the construction of greenhouses and the cultivation of a wide range of tomatoes, work towards a result consistent with the development strategy of the United Arab Emirates as a food super-hub.


The project provides for the construction of a modern high-tech greenhouse complex securing year-round tomato cultivation, including in summer.
Geography of the project: Emirate of Abu Dhabi, industrial zone of the city of Al Ain, the territory of the special agricultural park AgTech - Agropark Al Ain Industrial City.

The project is implemented in two stages.

The first phase of the project: construction of the pilot project of a greenhouse complex of 5.52 hectares (production cultivation area of 4 hectares) - a working model for testing and validating innovative cultivation technologies in summer.
Implementation period of the 1st phase of the project:
3rd quarter of 2023 - 4th quarter of 2024.

The second phase of the project: construction of a greenhouse complex of 138 hectares (production cultivation area of 100 hectares).
Implementation period of the 2nd phase of the project:
1st quarter of 2025 - 4th quarter of 2030.

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Own innovative technologies of greenhouse construction.
Competitive advantages
Reliable production of steel structures and equipment for greenhouses.
Adapted climate system "Aclis" for greenhouses - own patented solution.
Own integrated solutions from ECO-Culture Eurasia Agriculture are fully integrated with climate control systems from well-known global manufacturers
The greenhouse complex was designed by specialists from ECO-Culture Eurasia Agriculture specifically for operation in equatorial regions with extremely hot climates. In the process of working on the project, the specialists were involved having extensive experience in working in greenhouses in this climate, in particular in the UAE.

Technologies and equipment
Multi-span arch-type greenhouses with a hanging tray system developed by our company are designed for growing vegetable crops using the low-volume hydroponics method.

подвесная система выращивания методом гидропоники
красиво, фоном
Our specialists have developed special equipment having no analogues and systems providing greenhouses with an optimal climate for year-round tomato cultivation and high crop yields.

гроздья помидоров на гидропонике
красиво, фоном
All subsystems were developed exclusively by the specialists of our company for this project and their complex has a name - "Aclis" (abbr. from adapted climate system). This complex is flexible in integration and designed to work under the control of various climate control systems. The control of climatic parameters, irrigation and operation of auxiliary subsystems and equipment, including water treatment, is fully automated.

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